Ice Dams Cause Leaks

Ice Dams Cause Leaks

When designing a roof structure, the first step is to install plywood sheathing, after which a waterproof protective barrier is layered on the plywood. The roof shingles are then fastened to the plywood and nailed in place. For some homes, the waterproof protective barrier is far from the shingles attached to the wall, while it is not so in others.

How far up the waterproof protective barrier is in every roof structure determines the impact an ice dam can have on your roof.

Ice dams block the flow of water through the right channel and cause it to log on the rooftop. Gradually this starts damaging the roof, and you will discover that it may start leaking. When nothing is immediately done to correct this, the water starts moving in different directions until the entire roof is damaged. To prevent this damage, you have to seek the best rooftop snow removal Toronto services immediately you notice such.

How Does Universal Roofs Correct Leakages That Are Caused By Ice Dams?

When it comes to rectifying the damage caused by ice dams on your roof, there are limited options available to you. This is why you have to work with a reputable company like Universal Roofs that knows how best to prevent the ice forming from getting heavy.

From our many years of experience in Toronto’s ice dams removal, we know the best way to address such an issue without causing any damage to your room. Our approaches are not just simple, they are highly effective, and they include:

  • Knocking down the icicles

Perhaps, this is the most tasking aspect of correcting or preventing leakages caused by ice dams. Some ice dams can be huge if we don’t knock them down, they can result in an injury where it falls on someone. Also, in the process of getting rid of it, if not broken down into bits, it can result in structural damage of the building. At Universal Roofs, we have quality equipment that is specifically designed for knocking down icicles.

  • Chipping the ice off the roof

After we have successfully broken down the ice into smaller bits, we start taking the ice off the roof. In doing this, we always try to avoid the ice from getting into the gutters as they could affect water flow there. A lot of care needs to be exercised to prevent the roof shingles from getting damaged.

  • Finally, we melt the ice

After chipping off the ice from the roof, we don’t stop there; we use a steaming system to melt the ice and tidy up every other residue left on the rooftop. As it is part of our work ethics, we then make sure to tidy the roof and take away items used in the process of carrying out the ice dam removal.

Several reasons can be responsible for ice dams in the home, one of which is inadequate insulation. With poor insulation, warm air escapes from the heated places and goes to the cold attic. After a while, the water from the melting snow starts to freeze till it forms into an ice dam.

You don’t have to wait till ice dams start causing leaks in your home. Place a call through to us today at Universal Roofs; let us come and provide you with the best rooftop snow removal Toronto and Toronto’s ice dams removal services.

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