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Without a doubt, every homeowner will have to decide at some point to either replace their roof or opt for roof repairs. If your current roof has lasted for some years, then there might be a need for a quick fix sooner or later.

Roofs are one of the valuable installations in any home, and they are exposed to harsh weather while protecting properties. As such, it’s common for the need to repair them to arise. Universal Roofs Inc. knows what it takes to repair damaged roofs. We’re not the average roofers; our professionals have mastered roof repairs in Toronto and how to keep any customer happy while providing them the best value for their resources.

Skilled Craftsmen For Your Ideal Skylight Repairs

A guarantee backs all our repairs on skylights as we only house expert artisans. Just like our space, we go all in to ensure that we detect the damages or leaks and deliver unmatched skylight leak repair in Toronto. We go for thorough inspection where we assess the condition of your skylights, inspect the exterior and interior structure, and in the end, deliver professional and affordable solutions.

We realize that good skylights enhance the value of any property, as well as its look. Many property owners don’t know or tend to ignore the fact that a damaged skylight can impact the structural integrity and performance of their roofing system. As such, they tend to neglect it when they observe some damages. We’re out to assist you in detecting and fixing any issue with your skylight.

Do You Experience Any/All Of These? Then You Need An Inspection And Skylight repairs Toronto

While some homeowners observe it quickly, others don’t know what to look out for on their skylights. Here are some things that might mean you need an expert to inspect and possibly fix your skylights

  • Cracks on glass
  • Signs of water leaks during or after rainfall
  • Water leaks during some snow conditions
  • Condensation between the glass panes
  • Stains on drywall near the installed skylights
  • Falling of skylight flashing

It’s normal for some homeowners not to keep an eye on their skylights. But if you get to observe any of these or any unusual effect, we’re the brand to call. We take the entire hassle upon ourselves to inspect your skylights, detect damages, and help you fix them.

We’re a leading roofing contractor in Toronto. Our expertise and quest for optimum customer satisfaction set us above the competition. When next you want a skylight expert, be sure to reach out to us. We’re always available!


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